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Born and raised in Vancouver, Patrick is passionate about sound and music.  At a young age, he had developed an ear for detail.  He learned and performed his first musical instrument at the age of 3, then went on to learn many different instruments as he grew up, and eventually got a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance.  Because he loved playing in a rock band in his late teens, that sparked his interest in learning about music recording, which led him to study Audio Engineering.

He spent 8 years teaching music in a school in Hong Kong, but has recently moved back to his home town.  As a father of 2 (now 3!), he made the difficult decision to go back to school and pursue a new career, a decision he is very glad he made.  He just graduated from Vancouver Film School's Sound Design for Visual Media program and loves to do anything sound related, from film to video games, from production to post.  In his spare time, he enjoys time with the family, writing music, playing video games, playing beer league hockey, and snowboarding .

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